Cheaper than Applebee's

A list of meals that should make you question why people eat at awful restaurants

Le Zie - Chelsea

Another one…

Unfortunately, this time I was way too excited to eat, and completely forgot to take a pic of the food before we ate (I’m just starting to do this, please forgive me!).  The good news; we still had the empty plates to photograph!

Spaghetti and Meatballs and Tortelli filled with (???)

Either way, both dishes were good, and the restaurant was packed.



Cheaper than Applebee’s

Beginning of experiment…

Wednesday, Oct 29th…

Receipt will confirm, but just to document.

Stuffed Cabbage, Vegetables, 2 Potato Pancakes, Pastrami Omelette, 2 cans of Dr. Brown’s, Pickles and Cole Slaw.  



Cheaper than Applebee’s

First meal…

Last month, my fiancee Adrienne and I were driving through Queens at night and as we were hungry, we went to Applebee’s for dinner.  I was shocked at how much a meal for two was…about 45 dollars (official amount coming soon).  

From that point forward, we started a game comparing this meal with meals we got at relatively nice restaurants in Manhattan and the majority of them were actually cheaper than the meal we ate at the Applebee’s in lovely Bayside, Queens.

The following blogposts will document EACH meal we eat in a restaurant that is cheaper (per person) than Applebee’s.